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About Pivot Cloud Platform

Pivot Cloud Platform provides a simple integrated software solution that addresses the complexity of challenges that disparate business applications currently present. For many it provides the opportunity of realising full digital transformation for the first time by modernising legacy systems automatically. In addition it removes the need to be an expert in order to realise the benefits of the latest technologies. Our platform takes care of the complexity while putting control back into the hands of your existing teams. It enables your business to increase efficiency and offer your customers more personalised products and services, while reducing expenses dramatically.

  • Map all your legacy systems business processes
  • Intelligent unpacking of data into business process blocks, irrespective of source allows your teams to access and analyse data as they wish, and add new system features in minutes rather than weeks and months.
  • Our platform and your IT division look after the technology while your business teams focus on the information, reports and displays.
  • Capture data while you are using your existing legacy system with no downtime.
  • Apply predictive analytics and AI to the captured data to enable real-time decision making processes.
  • Develop on top of your legacy systems, such that those changes appear on your website in minutes. You can even make changes to the backend seamlessly.
  • Intelligent process automation


  • Drive growth, agility and easily scale
  • Anything initiated from a screen can be replicated using our AI and machine learning
  • New features created in minutes because our AI platform does the hard work for you
  • Capture all your business processes ready for the cloud while you work undisturbed on your legacy systems as normal
  • Measurable KPI with all in one Dashboard
  • ROI equivalent to hiring 1/10 of external consultants
  • Migrates COBOL, RPG to Spring micro-services
  • Build new functionality on existing outdated, legacy systems

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Time vs Cost

Pivot Cloud Platform helps to reduce overall time and cost spent on legacy systems.

AI + Cloud Platform 70%
Business Analyst 10%
Developer 10%
DevOps 5%
Product Owner 5%


The CIO at the $38 billion-asset First Niagara Financial Group in Buffalo said they can’t compete with Google and Facebook when it comes to offering young techies a “cool” workplace for their resume.
COBOL is difficult to learn and was not designed for the internet. College graduates like to learn something easier.

Now you can with Pivot Cloud Platform! It can turn your Cobol applications to Java Micro-services (Python/GO if you choose), “Lift and Shift” AS400 applications to Cloud or simply use it to generate hand books for outdated applications.

Without tools, the most talented and experienced employees are semi-productive.

Cobol to Java

Cobol Applications to Java Microservices.


Automatically generate Hand Book for Cobol Programs.


Legacy Applications to cloud using innovative AI models


BlockBox legacy Applications and work in cloud

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Most Cost-Affective Legacy AI Platform 2022

Most Cost-Affective Legacy AI Platform 2022



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