"Gartner estimates that from 2016 to 2020, stakeholders decommissioned three times more than the total number of applications decommissioned in the last 16 years. There is a feeling that businesses have in general delayed or deferred decommissioning, often at their peril." - techopedia.com

All the component systems within an Enterprise Application like supply chain management, customer information management, sales, etc. should be combined with a synergy. But sub-systems blocking each other might not be so rare in an Enterprise Application.

In Enterprise Applications, most of the J2EE layers provide simple user interactions while the complex logic and data management is happening in the legacy systems. The latest addition to the list is mobile and tablet interfaces.

The decommissioning of applications can be a significant burden for an enterprise, especially one that has tended to update and upgrade or replace existing applications without properly retiring older ones.

Companies face many different challenges in decommissioning large numbers of applications. Many of them are related to giving the new applications the functionality that they need, and making sure that older applications are actually “dead” or ready for retirement.

Existing systems and processes are untouched but each and every process is meticulously analyzed and documented. Since the system works transparently, there is no disruption. ‘Fire and Forget’ model enables innovative AI to capture, process, and analyze each business process and document the same.

Also, your in-house staff can target specific business rule extraction using our innovative ‘Business Query Language’ (BQL). For instance, you can describe what you are looking for with BQL, eg ‘When an order is submitted, how are the discounts are applied?’.

What does it include?

  • Functional Flows
  • Data Flows
  • Tagged Data Pairs
  • Business Logic
  • User Journey Flows

Sample Flow Captured

Invoice Processing in Application

Invoice Processing

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