Digital Transformation Platform

Pivot Cloud Platform unlocks your critical core legacy systems without disruption and produces a map of your core business processes.

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Unlock the power of your legacy systems.


"Our basic core system had been changed over the years including modifications which were outsourced. Unfortunately we didn’t have proper documentation of the changes so we had great difficulty trying to add new functionality. Pivot Cloud Platform enabled us to map the entire backend business processes eliminating redundancy. We can now proceed to develop mobile capability into the cloud.”

(Seamus Sorahan, Founder and CEO,"

AI Powered Integrated Solutions

Out-of-the-Box Digital Workforce

Intelligent Automation

Intelligent Automation is RPA for every rule based process both back end and front end. Use our prebuilt customisable Intelligent Automation or create your own no-code Intelligent Automation.



AI - our award winning AI and ML based tool can interrogate your legacy systems and learn the most agile way to perform task thus eliminating redundancy, independent of system or language.


Secure Platform

With built in patented security, our cloud and AI based Digital Transformation Platform, lets you scale and become more agile at your pace



Real time analytics provide you with invaluable feedback and insights about the data that is being processed through your systems and inform true customer led initiatives and promote profits.