Digital Transformation without Disruption

Digital Transformation
Our platform enables you to

Map all your legacy systems business processes

Black-box your legacy systems

Develop on top of your legacy systems, such that those chances appear on your website in minutes. You can even make changes to the backend seamlessly.

Automate repeated processes

Intelligently automate processes

Some of our clients

"Our basic core system had been changed over the years including modifications which were outsourced. Unfortunately we didn’t have proper documentation of the changes so we had great difficulty trying to add new functionality. Pivot Cloud Platform enabled us to map the entire backend business processes so that we can now make changes easily and quickly.”

(Seamus Sorahan, Founder and CEO,"

True meaning of Digital Transformation without disruption in action:

Our platform was used to map the business processes of an existing ERP system.

Once completed the addition of new functionality could commence immediately.

Here a business analyst added two factor authentication in minutes.

Watch our platform in action

Realise the potential in your data

Digital Transformation

Our platform provides a unique opportunity to assist you in transforming your business because there is no disruption to your existing systems. Intelligent unpacking of data into business process blocks, irrespective of source allows your teams to access and analyse data as they wish, and add new system features in real time.

Our platform and your IT division look after the technology while your business teams focus on the information, reports and displays.

How it works?

Pivot Cloud Platform with built-in AI captures the business processes in your legacy systems.

Then the old legacy system can be black-boxed and new functionality created on top of it both front end and backend.

The no-code business process can be used even by a business analyst to easily create new functionality in minutes.

New web and mobile changes in minutes

Pivot Cloud Platform comes with built-in cyber security as standard

Digital Transformation