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Pivot Security

Pivot Security is your defence against the dark side of the web. Developed by our team who are leaders in the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to cybersecurity. AI mimics the brains ability to learn. Just as a human brain can intuit and predict outcomes having obtained sufficient experience in a given field so too our AI Pivot Security brings a completely new approach to cybersecurity that is proactive and predictive for websites & devices.

Pivot Security (SaaS) provides the most comprehensive defence of your data privacy and security on-line by identifying malware threats in realtime. It is suitable for any desktop or mobile device, including smart phones and tablets irrespective of operating system. Protect your devices now with our on-line subscription service PIVOT SECURITY.

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  • Intelligent Real-time Cybersecurity

  • Ransomeware is a growing threat

  • Year on Year increase in Mobile Cyber Attacks is 40%

  • Your defence against the Dark Web

  • Be GDPR Compliant with Pivot Security