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No Google, how we did it (So can you, if you want)

Since we detected the Google’s massive data piracy using our AI tools last year, our board decided we have to have our company privacy restored without someone snooping on you all the time. Here is how we achieved it.


Step 1: Move email hosting off Google (Ok they made it as hard as they can, but thanks to some great guys in Norway and our DevOps guys, we managed to come out victorious). Norway is one of the countries strictly respects privacy.

Step 2: Stop usingĀ  google searches, Seriously? Yes, with and increased tech advances, do you really need google searches, if the other-sites like, who indexes at same level and not track you?

Step 3: Using to protect privacy, we even developed a service that make you ‘invisible’ to Google and Facebook as long as you choose!. Do you know, 9 out 10 websites use google analytics, which sets a cookie on your browser to track you? Facebook is worse, they even track button / image level.

So long until next tech advancement for better living!


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