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How AI is helping us fight even Apple’s data theft!

If you still think AI is not for public use, you have to read this and then go being anti-ai lobbyist, if you can!

We have been using our AI to defend cyber attacks, malware attacks and ad-ware (thank god, haven’t been subjected to so called you might like this ‘shit’ ads all over the pages for a long time now).

Here is surprising thing happened even baffled me. We use Pivot Security with full protection enabled (available for customer who are willing to spend some time on customizing their AI offering). Last while week every morning my internet connection was down, I had to enable manually.

I had to engage our internal staff to figure out whether our AI is broken or I am being attacked! It turned out AI detected unusual communication patterns after the system goes sleep. Something is walking the system up and sending data. First we thought it was a malware or even NSA (they don’t respect anyone’s privacy, right!). but it was apple and google! they are communicating with their servers. Why are they doing it? We can’t answer that, only they can answer it.

Our AI learned something a miss, it stared to take defensive action, It shut down the network access, waiting for me to manually enable the network access. It is what we programed to do, in case of emergency take evasive action, it shut down network.


Do you still think AI is not ready for public? Ofcourse there are bad people who are using AI for bad things, but you have to support the good AI development. By helping companies who are committed to good AI development, you are promoting positive things happen in the world.



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