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How safe is your data?

This is the letter I received on the other day. I am no going to name and shame the bank and the head of what ever! This is the same bank told me, “for your security” we are introducing ‘secret word’. Now tell me, secrets are not good. What they are not saying is, our security is not good, we are going to blame your if you loose your money!

Remember the same tactics by credit card companies? Moving you from signature to chip/pin and still blaming you for fraud?

This WAS a bank even myself looked-up to it. It once had been the best secure and innovative bank in Europe if not in the world. Now, it is simply trying to cat-up with other banks. What a shame. Is it due to outsourcing to cut cost? or losing talent?

Here is what you can do to save you from same fate.

Use latest technology to your assistance. Doesn’t mean you get rid of your best people. You empower them with tool they can use to modernize your IT.

Take a look at Phoeninx from Pivot Cloud Solutions.



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