How AI helped us to get rid of unwanted Ads

Like many, I am so annoyed by the ads. When I am working, searching for information and reading online, there is unusual amount of ads (main culprit Google) popping-up all over.  Yes, it is true the website owners want to make few bucks on the side, so they are increasingly adding more and more space for google ads. It be becoming very unproductive very quickly as the responsive pages trying to resize page while loading etc. So, I decided to give the task to our growing AI mind.

After few hours of training our the AI brain (Indra, reincarnation of our AMI bot brain), I am ready for the trail. Let the AI analyze what is going on and come-up with suggesting.

Trail 1: Indra AI suggested to block bunch of IPs. Immediately pages are loading slower then usual.

Trail 2: Asked Indra AI to re-visit. Now it come-up with bunch of suggestions. After following them, oops my youtube and gmail failed.

Trail 3: Undid trail 2, then let it process again. Now, followed the suggestions. Ha presto, all my google ads are gone! That is without fiddling around the browser plug-ins!. Hurrah! No google ads.  This is what happens when anyone get too intrusive in the name of convenience.

Thank god, I stopped using Google searches without loosing my time or efforts by switching to ‘’.

Contact me if you want to get rid of Google ads all together! We can provide you our Indra AI result set and instructions.

Until next time, Next success story!