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Our main focus of expertise

Our I.T. and Business expertise (incl. Finance, ERP/CRM, Healthcare, and Insurance for enterprises from start-up to corporate level) can help you achieve a distinct competitive edge by realising the possibilities for your business to become leaner and more efficient. Our areas of expertise include Micro Services, Artificial Intelligence, Mobile Cloud, Big Data, BlockChain and On-line Security.

More Services

Goodbye Legacy Systems

Transform outdated business critical systems into Micro Services with our latest A.I. product PHOENIX.

Artificial Intelligence and Your Business

A.I. can enhance your business processes and your market presence. Contact us for a consultation.

Bespoke Development in less time, less cost, less risk

We can give you a Web, Mobile, Cloud and IoT presence backed by our patented security. Let us do the hard work for you. Checkout our Pivot Cloud Platform.

Why choose us

Less Risk, Less Time & Less Cost
We have the technical expertise and the unwavering commitment that enables you to focus on your business, while we look after your I.T. requirements. Our track record with some of the leading companies in Ireland speaks for itself. Our patented technology particularly in the area of internet security and our A.I. Legacy Systems transformation tools, means that you can realise your business vision in less time, with less cost and less risk.
A.I. Solutions
Let us help you incorporate the latest advances in Artificial Intelligence to transform your business and increase your competitiveness. Checkout PHOENIX.
Enterprise Mobility Services
Mobility is a world wide phenomena that is here to stay. The only question is how quickly your enterprise will embrace all the inherent advantages in terms of reduced sales cycle, increased market share, while minimising risks. As more employees and customers want access to your data on their own mobile devices then security is of utmost importance. Mobile devices are vulnerable in terms of loss, theft, and viruses. Any security breach can easily reach an Enterprise's main data bank. It is often difficult for companies to keep track of their employees many different devices. With over 20 years experience at the cutting edge of mobile and internet technology, together with our patented PivotCloud Platform incorporating messaging security, we can develop a comprehensive Mobile Solutions Strategy specifically for your enterprise. Let us help you realise all the potential of the mobile revolution with less risks.
Corporate Sector Solutions
We provide business solutions to the Corporate Sector including ERP/CRM and BIG DATA, supplying a distinct competitive advantage by using the latest innovations in Disruptive Technologies. Our PivotCloud Platform includes the SDK to develop IoT, Cloud, Mobile Applications and API based messaging, which are supported by a patented Secure Communications Service.
Our Track Record
Founded in 2012, the company has produced its own in-house products ranging from mobile communications security to mobile apps for the banking and healthcare sectors.
Trust is the only way we do business
We are proud of our achievements and stand by our products and services. Your success is our success.