Solutions - Energy

Over the years issues have arisen which are proving increasingly problematic when changes are required by:

Outdated Technology
XAI “Hiccups”
Stored Procedures
Stored Procedures
Embedded Algorithms
No Real-time analytics
Security Issues
Vendor Lock-in

Our solution enables you to capture the data and functionality as it is in your CC&B and develop on top of it into the cloud in minutes. In addition our Pivot Cloud Platform incorporates essential current market requirements including:

Black box CC&B

Capture legacy systems data, black-box it and develop on top of it eg. mobile, backend etc.

Integrate with Third Party Systems

Capture and process data sent from any third party source without manual intervention.

Data Analysis

Capture data without manual intervention. Data Analysis for forecasting

Social Marketing

Seamlessly integrate Social media channels with Customer care (Two way integration).

Smart Device Management

Integrate with Device Management sytems easily.

Customer Responsive Features

Develop and deploy customer responsive features in minutes or days.